Latest news in 2003
September 13, 2003 IPC World Archery Championships in Madrid [Back]

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- September 13,  
  The World Championship among the disabled archers was held in Madrid (Spain) from September 5 till 13.
  The team of Ukraine which always in the majority consists of the Lviv athletes, educatees of Sports Club of L.St.M.U., was presented in four categories from seven.
  Most successful was performance of Sergiy Atamanenko (Lviv) who in a qualification round was first (1219 points), and in individual competitions among the athletes who shoot standing (ST) (163 + 155 + 105 + 98 + 101), finished with a bronze medal. In team competitions, together with the friends he has won a silver medal in a duel with the team of Korea (234 vs 216).
Together with Sergiy with a silver medal are awarded also:
Roman Gutnyk (W2) - 1192 points (7-th); 144 + 153 + 102 (7-th);
Orest Gordon (ST) - 1111 points (16-th), 142 (21-st);
Yuriy Kopiy (ST) - 1135 points (13-th), 135 (26-th).
 The Performances of women - Olena Struk, Bogdana Nikitenko, Galyna Fedechko (all ST) were not successful.
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September 10, 2003 Summer Universiada 2003 in Korea [Back]

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- August 31,
  This year the Summer Universiada, which was held in Daegu (Korea), for the first time in the program had archery competitions (24 - 29.08). It's a significant event for our kind of sport. Among the men 17 teams competed, and among the women the athletes from 13 national teams defined the strongest.
  The team of Ukraine participated by complete compositions:
Women: Paleha Katerina (Lviv), Dorokhova Tetiana (Chernivtsi), Berezhna Tetiana (Kharkiv).
Men: Serdiuk Oleksandr, Ruban Viktor (both Kharkiv), Daneliuk Vladyslav (Chernivtsi).
  In individual competitions our athletes, both the men and the women, could not achieve significant success.
And in team competitions only women could finish with medals.
  For the information: On a Universiada, as well as on student's World championships, in team competitions shoot "The Academic Round". In this round calculate not total of points collected by the team, but the hits in the aim are scored up only. According of system: "Has hit - has missed one's aim".
  In a duel with the team of Northern Korea (D.P.R.K.), with a score 19 - 15, the our girl have won bronze medals. Congratulations!
  If you want in more detail to survey with results of competitions, and not only in archery, to find out who, how many and which kind of medals has won on the Universiada. Visit, please, official Web-site of the organizers of competitions...
September 10, 2003 European Junior & Cadet Championships [Back]

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- August 31,  
  The championship was held in Thessaloniki, that in north of Greece. It is the second city, on importance, in the country. The rivalry for leadership between Athens and Thessaloniki, lasts from ancient times and about today. Athens is a symbol of arts, philosophers, democracy, but Thessaloniki - capital of Macedonia, native land of the Aleksander Great Macedonian, is a symbol created by him, huge empire, large and powerful Greece.
  The team of Ukraine participated by complete compositions both in a category of the Juniors and in a category of the Cadets. The departure of the team was held due to efforts of the local chiefs and trainers from Lviv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Chernivtsi. In Kiev, in the Derzhkomsport, for the youth National team, money have not found.
   All days of competitions the temperature of air was within of 35 - 39 of a Celsius degrees, if you will add a high humidity, you will feel conditions of competitions. It was difficult.
  In qualification the majority of our athletes was in the leaders. The scores, which they have shot, were at a good level. After qualification the team of the Junior women (Kalinicheva, Koval, Dmitryuk) was on the first place, and the team of the Junior men (Kryvochenko, Koziy, Zabolyan) has collected the fourth result. The cadet boys (Gavelko, Migura, Senyk) have shot the third score, and the cadet girl (Dobreva, Bebeshko, Novikova) were fifth.
  In the individual competitions of juniors our boys and girls have not won any medals. The debutant of this competition Koziy Yuriy (Lviv) who was closest to success has won 4 place. Best of our girls was Koval Victoria (Kharkiv) she has finished competitions on 12th. In team competitions the guys were fifth, and the girl have won a silver medal. Well done!
  The Cadets finished as follows:
  - Girls:
Individual competition - the best among our girls - Bebeshko Oleksandra (Nova Kahovka) , 11-th place.
Team competitions - 7-th place, with result in 195 (!?) points.
- Boys:
Individual competition - the best among our boys - Gavelko Yuriy (Lviv), 7-th place.

Team competitions - 4-th place.

 On this championship the winners of a Junior Cup of Europe also were defined. In general placing of 2003 European Cup in category of the cadet - men (according the sum of three legs - Germany, Italy, Greece), Gavelko Yuriy has won a bronze medal! Well done!

August 19, 2003 Preolympic competition in Athens

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  - August 17,
  After ending of competitions "Olympic test event" I want to inform impressions directly from a place of events.
  All the world-class archers came together here. The men from 24 countries participated in competitions. The complete man's teams - 16, but in competitions the 15 men teams competed, since in the team of Turkey one sportsman was ill.
  At the women, the athletes from 20 countries competed. The complete female teams were - 16
  Ukraine was presented by the complete structures of teams.
  The competitions were organized well. The small failures at all have not spoiled favorable impression about that event.
  The problem of the organizers was only in the coordination of actions of various groups of the volunteers carrying out an adjacent task. The vast number of the attendants was involved, so the trainers and athletes were simply lost between them. But it is a problem of such enormous sports shows, as Olympic games.
   Main plus, that the athletes could test the main arena of Olympic games - Panathenean Stadium. On this ancient marble sports arena the archery competitions (elimination and final roundes) and finish of marathon will be held.
  The arena of the Panathenean Stadium is half open, therefore wind conditions is sometimes unpredictable and very quickly varies.
  The second rival for the athletes, after a wind, was heat. Temperature all days was - 34 - 35 of Celsius degrees, and last two days of competitions - 39 degrees. The next year, according to the weather forecasts, higher temperature is expected.
  The men team of Ukraine in structure: Parhomenko Igor (Kiev), Serdiuk Aleksandr and Ruban Viktor (both Kharkiv), in interesting duel with the team of Australia, has won bronze medal.
  By this performance our men were rehabilitated for last a World Championship in New York. Where they have remained without medals.
  The final of the men team competitions was perfect. There were teams of Korea and Italy. Scores are - 254 v. 249, the Korean have won. It should be observed. Beautiful struggle and perfect technique!
  It is necessary to tell about the Korean especially - they have collected the full collection of gold medals in these competitions!
  Our female team, in structure - Lobzhenidze Yulia, Paleha Katerina (both Lviv) and Sadovnicha Elena (Kiev), could not show themselves from the best side. I'll speak nothing more, and everybody who wants to tickle the nerves and to find out more details of their performance, I send on the FITA Web-site. There you can find out and results of personal performances of our men.
  With kind wishes for all.
  Up to the following news.
August 05, 2003 42-nd World Outdoor Target Archery Championships

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- August 03,
  This championship was very important for all participating nations. The Olympic licenses here were played. From the press releases of a FITA it was known, that it will be the largest world championship for all history of a modern archery. 580 athletes from 80 countries were expected. Before the largest World championship was in 1999 (France) - 470 participants. By the way, it was the license championship too.
  Everything, by the traditions. In America prefer all largest, therefore and the Championship should be largest.
  I was not too lazy and in the starting protocol I have reckoned
488 athletes from 69 countries. Interestingly, and how many athletes are in the final protocols? Having studied the protocols I have received the same result, in competitions have started 488 athletes. A record have beaten! Certainly, not such impressive, as was supposed.
Honour of our country defended:
  The female team - Paleha Kateryna, Lobzhenidze Juliya (both Lviv), Burdeyna Natalya (Odessa), Dorohova Tetyana (Chernivtsy).
  The man's team - Serdyuk Aleksandr, Ruban Viktor (both Kharkiv), Parhomenko Igor (Kiev), Bekker Pavlo (Odessa).

  As was already informed, our women in team competitions have won bronze medals. Well done!
All scores you can find on the FITA site.
Ukraine one of 6 countries of the world, which from the first call have won the complete set of the Olympic licenses on that championship.
  Taking this opportunity, as the Chairman of a coach council of Ukrainian Archery Federation, I congratulate with this success as the trainers of a National team, which well prepare our athletes for major competitions of a season, and all personal trainers which are brought up of our athletes by long years and put in them the knowledge, ambitions, health, nerves.
  The trainers of a National team and personal trainers, in conditions of constant shortage of money for the training process, and at the miserable salaries manage to prepare the world class athletes.
  It causes frank misunderstanding and even the latent envy in the chiefs of sports from the "First World" and international federations. Are set by a question, as they (i.e. we) manage to bring up the top athletes in such awful conditions.
  I set to myself other question: "How long in Ukraine it will be so poorly? How long our people will suffer it?"
  Well, it is enough. It is lyrics already. The work proceeds.
  Good luck for all!
August 05, 2003 Society column:

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- August 05,
The Web-site of Archery Federation of Great Britain (GNAS) has informed June 23:

  "Sergey Rodionov, a senior Ukrainian coach who, together with his coaching partner Alex Nicholyov, took the Ukrainian ladies team to two Olympic silver medals (?) (It is my question. VM) plus a number of World and European medals, has signed a contract with GNAS to work with the World Class performance funded archers and their team members for the 2003 World and IPA World Championships. The contract will initially run until the end of September when it will be reviewed by both sides following the World Target Champs and the IPA World Champs. If this contract is successful then a further contract will be offered to Sergey to continue as Head coach until after the Olympics and Paralympics through to December 2004.

Sergey has already been at work with the Senior Target team in Antalya, Turkey."

August 03, 2003 First release of 2003 news:

To magnify the photo, just place the mouse over this picture.
- August 03, 
   Release of news I want to begin from apologies for a long silence, which more than 10 months lasted.
  A long time I could not adjust connection to the site of our Internet - provider "Internet - Ukraina".
Recently this problem was solved, again with the help of the last.
  Now I already can update a site and it will help it to function more dynamically.
That I sojourn far, does not interfere with my keeping abreast in events, occurring in Ukraine.
  Great, as you know, sees on distance better!
  All remarks and offers are accepted.
The release of news is prepared by Viktor Mykhaylenko.
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