Latest news in 2002
February 17, 2002 Our president in Teheran
    Mr. Alexander Kalinichenko - President of the Lviv Archery Federation as the expert of FITA in January 13 - 20, 2002 has carried out a Coaching course for the archery coaches in Teheran - capital of the Islamic Republic IRAN. After returning from Teheran we have asked our president to inform impressions about trip and to answer some questions....Click here
February 09, 2002 Ukrainian Indoor Archery Championships
- February 09,
  Were finished the Ukrainian indoor championship and junior indoor championship. 236 archers from 11 regions of Ukraine participat in these events. The Lviv federation has declared participation 84 athletes, but that is interesting - there were vacant places. The championship for the first time was carried out in a game hall of a Army S.C. - WOC where we have fixed up 32 targets, and have enabled to shoot to 256 archers. The choice of a venue of competitions was very successful.

Results of competitions:
  Ukrainian Indoor Championships:
The Champions:
Ivashko Markian (individual championship, "Dynamo"), and
The team Lviv - 2 (in structure):
Aleksienko Oleksander
("Ukraine"), Sidoruk Dmytro, Grachov Dmytro (both "Dynamo").
The silver prizewinners:
Nenych Oleksander (individual championship, "Ukraine")
The team Lviv - 1 (in structure):
Lobzhenidze Yulia, Kruglova Maria (both "Ukraine") and Mikhailova Svitlana (Army S.C.);
The bronze prizewinner:
Kruglova Maria (individual championship, "Ukraine").
  Ukrainian Junior Indoor Championships:
(athletes 1984 - 85 y.b.):
The champions:
Mokrynskij Yaroslav (individual championship, Army S.C.),
The silver prizewinners:
The team Lviv - 2 (in structure):
Tymyshyn Yurij , Skliaruk Oleksander (both "Ukraine"), Elanskij Gleb and Shovgan Yurij (both "Dynamo");
The bronze prizewinner:
The team Lviv - 1 (in structure):
Mokrynskij Yaroslav (Army S.C.), Tykhonskij Volodymyr ("Dynamo"), Dubas Igor and Pavlovskij Dmytro (both "Ukraine").
Ukrainian Cadet Indoor Championships:
(athletes 1986 y.b. & younger):
The champions:
The team Lviv - 1 (in structure):
Pierkov Oleksander, Krivochenko Oleksander (both "Ukraine"), Kliemeshov Volodymyr and Gavelko Yurij (both Army S.C.).
The team Lviv - 1 (in structure):
Il'ina Ksenia, Mazina Natalia, Doroshkevich Kateryna Yarka Natalia (all "Ukraine")

The silver prizewinners
Il'ina Ksenia (individual championship, "Ukraine")
The bronze prizewinner:
Mazina Natalia
(individual championship, "Ukraine"), Pierkov Oleksander (individual championship, "Ukraine")
  By results of these competitions the participants of a training meet (6+6+6+6) were selected. On this training meet the National teams of Ukraine for participation in the European Indoor championship and Junior Indoor championship will be defined.
The championships are held in March 13-17 in Ankara (Turkey).
  Such archers from Lviv are introduced into structure of the participants of a training meet:
At the men - Ivashko Markian, Sidoruk Dmytro, Aleksienko Oleksander.
At the women - Palekha Kateryna, Mikhaylova Svitlana, Lobzhenidse Yulia.
At the Juniors - Mokrynskij Yaroslav, Dubas Igor.
At the Junior- women - Esebua Krystyna.
  Today in Kiev began this training period. We wish our athletes of dead shots and persistence in achievement of the purpose.
The trainers need only to wait and to hope, that their athletes can execute all edification.
Good luck!
February 01, 2002 First release of 2002 news:
  What has taken place within the first month of 2002?
- January 12,
  Today in Lviv the first competitions of a season of 2002 were completed. This Open ASC (Army Sport Club) championship of Western operational command (WOC).
The competitions occurred two days in a perfect sports complex of ASC - WOC, unique in Ukraine specialized for archery 90-meter hall. The FITA Round 18 m. (60 arrows) was carried out. For the youngest participants the team competitions were conducted also.
- January 26, 
   Regional indoor Championship and Junior Championships.
144 athletes from 4 sports societies participat in these competitions. They competed in three age categories - among adult, Juniors and cadets. By results of these events the regional picked team for participation in a Ukrainian Championship and junior indoor championship were constituted. The championships will be hold in Lviv in the beginning of February.
  All remarks and offers are accepted.
The release of news is prepared by Viktor Mykhaylenko.
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