Latest news in 2001
September 29, 2001 "Zolota Osin' -2001" has started  
- September 28,
  On the occasion of celebrating a 70-anniversary of the FITA, and with the purpose of attraction of the sports public attention to the fact, that the International Archery Federation (FITA) was created in our city and is concrete in city town halls - the memorable table was established. Installation was held on a place of this famous event for archers - in a conference room of the Lviv city town hall.
 The Lviv Archery Federation initiated and has organized installation of this table.

Results from
"Zolota Osin' - 2001"
- September 27,
  To us on competition there have arrived athletes from Cyprus, Byelorussia and Moldova. 91 men, 52 women, 49 cadet - men & women take part in competitions this year.
  - September 22,
  The pleasant message has arrived from Peking. Katerina Paleha in individual competitions of the world Championship has won a bronze medal.
  This year it already her second bronze medal of world Championships. First she has won, together with girlfriends on the team, in March on the World Indoor Championship (Florence, Italy).

August 27, 2001 41-st World championship  

Here you can look results of a World Championships
- August 25,
  Viktor Sidoruk, President of the Ukrainian Federation, has informed me, that after a training meet in Chernivtsy (13 - 22.08), the National team on 41-st World championship was determined.
It is:
Parkhomenko Igor (Kyiv)
Ruban Viktor (Kharkiv)
Serdiuk Olexander (Kharkiv)
Antonov Sergiy (Lviv)
Burdeyna Natalia (Odesa)
Palekha Kateryna (Lviv)
Berezhna Tetiana (Kharkiv)
Sadovnycha Olena (Kyiv)
- August 15,
  On totals of three legs of the European Grand Prix (Cyprus + Antalya + St. Petersburg), we have quite good, for us, results.
Among the men Antonov Sergiy (Lviv) became third, and Paleha Kateryna (Lviv), among the women, has finished on the second place.
If you doubt, look here.
Both these athletes are the educatees ours colleague - Tatiana Obraztsova.
We congratulate Tatiana and her pupils!
July 30, 2001 European Grand Prix in St. Petersburg (Russia)  

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for results
- July 28,
  Interesting news came from St.Petersburg (Russia) at a final leg of the European Grand Prix. Our women, as always, have pleased us. Natasha Burdejna (Odessa) has shot perfect score in a FITA - 1 = 1347 points, having beaten on two points a former record of Ukraine. Now a FITA - 1 female and man's records are equal. And this day, it there was not a sole record of Natasha. Perfectly having finished on a 30 m. distance with 355 points, she has outdone a National record on one point.
  By the successful shooting she has "offended" our Kateryna Paleha, having deprived her of these two records and having deleted her name from the table of national records. Kateryna has finished this competition on 13 place with such scores: 162+168+156 points, and in a FITA - 1 = 1324 points.
  The former record of Kateryna in a FITA - 1 = 1345 points has held on two months, and on a 30 m. distance only 10 days! As is spoken: "I have not endured such!" Knowing character of Kateryna, it is possible to repute, as "will not endure"!
   It is important, that she has not taken a great interest in idea of revenge, and quietly prepared for a world championship. To all signs, our women in Peking should shoot well.
  Second our athlete - Lydia Prokopiv, shot on these competitions of a below own level, it is 37 places in a FITA - 1 with 1271 points, and in 1/32 = 149 points and 55 places. Her performance on a Championship of Ukraine was more convincing, probably, all as by Pushkin "… but north is harmful to me".
   Our men, in individual competitions, shot not so expressively, as the woman. I imply all participants of the team, and not just Lviv-archers, which in the man's team there was two - Antonov Sergiy and Aleksienko Aleksandr. The debut of Aleksienko A. (he is the Junior) in the team of the adults was successful - in FITA-1 = 1312 points - 13 places, and in an Olympic round has occupied 48 places (1/32 = 159 points). He has confirmed, recently executed classification standard "Master of sports of the international class" (it is 1300 points and more).
   Antonov Sergiy has shot the following results: 26 places (1/32=161, 1/16 = 162), and in a FITA - 1 = 1258 points (55 places).

  But absolutely others were our men in team competitions - 2nd place after the Korean! This year our men considerably to put in team competitions.
The start - 253:244, in duel against the Spaniards, was especially good. It was the best score this day and any of teams could not it exceed.

  Vainly, in the first duel, the Spaniards so strongly "puffed out one's cheeks" wishes to conquer our lads. They have shot the transcendent result - 244 points, but have not overcome the Ukrainian barrier! This barrier has not obeyed also Italians. Interesting struggle!
   It is especially interesting to supervise these events, knowing a subcurrent of rivalry of man's teams of Italy, Spain and Ukraine. These teams are consolidated by one name - Viktor Sidoruk! In Spain and Italy he worked last 10 years, and in Ukraine (at home) now works.
  Such correspondence rivalry of Viktor Sidoruk with two National Federations necessarily will present us a fascinating show and, for certain, will bring to us medals on a forthcoming World championship.
  Well, and our women, as always, was perfect and surprising! They also were second and also after the team of Korea.
  Further, probably, here again us the pleasant surprises expect! It is necessary to wait not long.

June 06, 2001 European Junior Cup  
  - May 27,
  1st leg of a Junior Cup of Europe, which was held on May 23-27 in Wyhl, in west of Germany, was remarkable by two new events and one old event.
  First, that for last years our young archers participated in 1st leg of these prestigious competitions. And it will give them an opportunity to struggle for a victory on the sum of three legs.
  Secondly, that our team superb was accepted by a Magistrate of Freiburg, city located in 30 km from a venue of competitions. The athletes have come back home with eyes, widely open from surprise, and overflowed by positive impressions.
  That the effective friendship means!
  Huge thank to Magistrates of both cities: Lviv and Freiburg!
  As to performance, it can be estimated as average. So has defined its coach of the youth national team - Gavelko Maria.
   Probably it because at us of the requirement and the criteria are high. Look.
Practically all teams have won the fourth places, and the team of the cadet-women has won these competitions.
   The winners of a Cup of Europe are - Dobreva Galyna and Esebua Kristina.
  Such results of the first leg give us hope for a high place in a National placing for three legs. The next start will be in Nymburk (Czechia), July 11-15.
   As to old event, about which was spoken in the beginning, so it that Kiev (Derzhkommolod'sportturizm) this trip did not finance. Money searched in region.
  Thank for everyone, who helped in this affair!
May 27, 2001 News for last two months  
  - May 21,
  In Chernivtsy the Ukrainian University game (16 - 21.05) was finished. The student's teams from 7 regions participated in this event.
  The Lviv students became best, as you, probably, assumed.
  Among the men Ivashko Markian (L.St.I.Ph.C) became first, and, best of the Lviv students, Paleha Kateryna (L.St.I.Ph.C) finished second, having conceded Tatiana Berezhna (Kharkiv).

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- May 12,
  At the first leg of 2001 European Grand Prix ( 9 - 12.05) in Cyprus our athletes have acted very successfully.
  Kateryna Paleha individually was second, and in the team she became the winner of these events.
  Sergiy Antonov has won two bronze medals, both in individual and in a team competitions.
  Good start of a sports season!
  We congratulate the athletes and their trainer - Obraztsova Tatiana!

   Can be, the Lviv archers will make to us a gift for a FITA 70-th anniversary and become the world champions this year?
  - May 6,
  On a regional University game (4 - 6. 05) the teams of 8 Lviv H.E.E.s (Higher Education Establishment) shot.
  Kateryna Paleha (L.St.I.Ph.C) has won these competitions to perfect result 1345 points (FITA - 1) and has shot 345 points on 60 meters. Both these results are new Lviv records and exceed records of Ukraine.
   Kateryna could on 60 meters on 3 points exceed a former record - long-liver (342 points) since 1989 belonging to Lesia Shakh. In that time it was a world record!
  At the men Ivashko Markian (L.St.I.Ph.C) was best .
  Best, among H.E.E.s, became a Lviv State Institute of Physical Culture (L.St.I.Ph.C).
  - May 2,
  This time on All-Ukrainian competitions among sports clubs (22 - 27.04) in New Kahovka 187 athletes participated. On youth championship of Ukraine (27.04 - 01.05) 111 young athletes shot.
  For last years it is record number of the participants on All-Ukrainian competitions in New Kahovka.
  Can be, we already have reached a underside of that abyss, in which we fell ten years? Probably it is began of rise?
  Our young athletes have acted successfully on youth championship. It pleases and means, that the future at the Lviv archery is present!
  - March 26,
  After end of a World Indoor Championship (20 - 24.03) we have what to tell and than to brag!
   The performance of our Juniors was better. The world champions became:
- Kristina Esebua ("Elektron");
- Vladov Mykola ("Elektron") and
- Sidoruk Dmytro ("Dinamo").
Bronze medal among the women has won Kateryna Paleha (Elektron).
All medals our athletes have won in team competitions.
   Our men, unfortunately, have returned home without medals.
March 21, 2001 World Indoor Archery Championship  

World Indoor Championship
Florence (Italy),
March 20 - 24

- March 17,
   In Kiev the training meet of national and youth teams before a World Indoor Championship was finished.
This year Junior World Indoor Championship for the first time will be carried out also.

  To Italy there have gone teams in such structures.

Berezhna Tetiana (Kharkiv),
Paleha Kateryna (Lviv),
Burdejna Natalia (Odesa).
Junior woman:
Esebua Kristina (Lviv),
Dorohova Tetiana (Chernivtsy),
Serdiuk Kateryna (Kharkiv).

Tarasov Dmytro,
Ivashko Markian,
Antonov Sergiy (all from Lviv).
Vladov Mykola,
Sidoruk Dmytro (both Lviv),
Drutsul Oleksandr (Chernivtsy).

  So, in teams structure 7 athletes from Lviv (from 12 participating). It is success, but at the same time and large responsibility. If there will be a success, thank to us hardly will tell, but at unsuccessful performance will remember everything, and will recollect at each corner!

  Well that we shall live, we shall see.
Let's wish to our athlete's successful performance and endurance, and patience we wish the trainers.
March 05, 2001 European Indoor Archery Championship for disabled  
  - March 02,
   With the excellent results the representatives of Lviv "Invasport", educatees of Mihail Huskivadze, have pleased us.
  On 1-st European Indoor Archery Championship for disabled (14-18.02), which was finished in Belgium (Zenthoven), they have won
two gold, silver and bronze medals.
The Champions of Europe are: Homenko Vladimir (ST) and Gutnik Roman (W2).
  The silver medals are won by the team in structure: Homenko V., Gutnik R. and Atamanenko Sergiy.
   The bronze medal (ST) was won Atamanenko Sergiy - the silver prizewinner of Paralympic games in Sydney.
  In structure of the team also was Nosevich Bogdan, which has won 7-th place in an individual championship (W2).

   In the female team - Struk Olena has won 5-th place, and Nikitenko Bogdana was on 6-th (both ST)
  It is necessary to note success of the athlete from Chernivtsy - Olena Skubak, which was best among the women (ST) and became the Champion of continent.
We congratulate the athletes and their trainers!
February 25, 2001 Lviv indoor Championship  
  - February 25,
  The Lviv indoor Championship was completed. It is traditional competitions, which will be spent in Lviv already many years. Personally I know them since 1969. The competitions this year was dated for a Fatherland shield Day (earlier they were devoted to Day of the Soviet army).
  237 archers (141 men and 96 women) have taken part in this competition.
   The best 40 men and 40 women will participate in the
   Lviv Championship (28.02 - 01.03, 18 m. Round, 60 arrows) and
   Lviv Region Championship (24. - 26.03, FITA -Round, 144 arrows).
   It is a characterful Top archers play-off. Both these events are held in a sports complex of SKA (Army), by them we shall finish a winter season 2000 -2001.
   Results of the Lviv Championship we shall inform you little bit later.
February 15, 2001 Indoor Championship of Ukraine  
  - February 12,
  In Kiev the Indoor Championship of Ukraine and Junior Indoor Championship were finished. With results of our athletes we can be satisfied. But we in any way do not accept the attitude of local authorities to our sports.
   The Regional Administration (through the Bureau of youth, sports and tourism) has refused to send the regional team to Kiev on a Championship, having given back the decision of this question to the chiefs of Sports Societies and directors of Sports Schools. The bureau of sports has promised to pay travel to Kiev only to members of a National team of Ukraine. It is only 4 athletes from 37, which took part in a Championship of Ukraine.
   We regard it as the first signal meaning the ending of State Support of Sports, at least, in our region.
   The backstage results of this Championship are those.
Sports results such:
  From 24 medals, which were handed to the winners on a Championship, the Lviv archers have won
11, from them 5 gold.
   In structure 24 athletes selected for training meets for preparation for a world Championship - 9 athletes from Lviv. 5 athletes already were included in structure of the National team for participation in the
World Indoor Championship and Junior World Indoor Championship.

Championship of Ukraine:

The champions:
Tarasov Dmitry (individual championship, "Dynamo"),
The team Lviv - 1 (in structure):
Antonov Sergiy
and Ivashko Markiyan (both "Ukraine") and Kurchenko Viktor (SKA).
The silver prizewinners:
Lobzhenidze Yulia (individual championship, "Ukraine"),
The team Lviv - 1 (in structure):
Paleha Kateryna, Kruglova Maria (both "Ukraine") and Volkova Elena ("Gart");
The team Lviv - 2 (in structure):
Trapeznikov Vasily (SKA), Tarasov Dmitry ("Dynamo"), Avdentov Oleg ("Ukraine").
The bronze prizewinner:
Ivashko Markiyan ( individual championship, "Ukraine").
Junior Championship of Ukraine:
(for the athletes 1983 Y.b. & younger)
The champions:
Esebua Kristina (individual championship, "Ukraine"),
Vladov Mykola (individual championship, "Ukraine").
The team Lviv - 2 (in structure)
Tihonsky Vladimir ("Dynamo"), Pavlovsky Dmitry and Tymyshin Yury (both "Ukraine").
The bronze prizewinners:
Sidoruk Dmitry (individual championship, "Dynamo").
The team Lviv - 1 (in structure):
Vladov Mykola, Sidoruk Dmitry and Mokryns'ky Yaroslav (SKA).

Vladov Mykola has shot a new regional indoor junior record:
Olympic FITA-round, 12 arrows =
118 points.
Markiyan Ivashko also has corrected the table of national records, having shot a new Ukrainian record, in a indoor FITA - Round (18 meters - 60 arrows). Now record is equal to 592 points!
The previous record from Sergiy Antonov was equal to 591 point.
6 years were required to add to a record only one point!
January13, 2001 First news release of 2001:
  - January 12,
  Today in Lviv the first competitions of a season of 2001 were completed. This ASC (Army Sport Club) open championship of Western operational command (WOC).
The competitions occurred two days in a perfect sports complex of ASC - WOC, unique in Ukraine specialized 90-meter hall. The FITA Round 18 m. (60 arrows) was carried out.
The winners of competitions became:
Among the men:
1. Trapeznikov Vasily (SKA) -580;
2. Avdentov Oleg ("Olimpija") - 574;
3. Vladov Mykola ("Elektron") - 573.
Team competitions:
1. "Olimpija" - 235
2. ASC - 234
4. "Elektron" - 248
Among the women:
1. Prokopiv Lidia ("Elektron") - 566;
2. Kaliadintseva Svetlana (ASC) - 559;
3. Dobreva Galina (ASC) - 556.
Team competitions:
1. Sport Scool ASC - 227
2. ASC - 222
3. Polytechnique - 205
  The bronze prizewinner Vladov Mykola (trainer Simuns Monika) for the first time has carried out the classification standard of the sports master of Ukraine. It is the first sports master of 3-rd millenary.
   The main judge is Gavelko Maria.
   Our Federation thanks to Vysochin Vadim the chief of ASC, for an opportunity to carry out these competitions at a high organizational level.
  All remarks and offers are accepted.
The release of news is prepared by Viktor Mykhaylenko.
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