Latest news in 2000
December 31, 2000 2000 Last news release.
The end of year has appeared very eventful.
- December 20-21,
    But most important news we were presented by a re-election conference of the Ukrainian Archery Federation. It was held in Kiev.
   By result of a conference was the complete change of a guidance of Federation and National team. It has taken place, despite of all shifts of the former chiefs, which at any cost wanted to remain on the places. The Federation has supported Viktor Sidoruk (Kiev). Now he is the President of Ukrainian Archery Federation. He will be also Head coach of the National Team.

   For work with the National team Viktor Sidoruk has offered, and the Federation has supported the following colleagues: Egorov Anatoly (Chernivtsy) and Ksenofontov Aleksandr (Kharkiv). With the youth team will work now Gavelko Mariya (Lviv) and Yarmisty Vitaly (Chernivtsy).

Now, apparently, we can expect for a sober guidance of Federation and National team, in all senses of this word!

In leading bodies of the Ukrainian Federation the Lviv archers were elected as follows:
Kalynichenko Aleksandr - member of Federation Presidium and chief of Judges National board;
Mykhaylenko Viktor - member of Federation Presidium and Chairman of Coaches Council;
Gavelko Mariya - member of Federation Presidium;
Kokot Nadiya - member of a revision Committee.
They are authorized till December 2004.
-December 15 - 18,
  Iin Kiev the Indoor Cup of Ukraine was held. The competition was carried out in a KPI sports complex hall. The large good hall, in which was freely placed 32 targets. So is spacious, indoor, we shot for the first time.
   For the athletes from Lviv these events were finished successfully:
Tarasov Dmitry ("Dynamo") became the winner of these competitions among the men, the silver prizewinner became by Ivashko Markiyan ("Ukraine"), and Svitlana Mykhaylova (Army) among the women was third. She also has set up a new record of the Lviv region in an indoor Olympic round: 18 arrows -178 points. The former record belonged to Katerina Paleha (1998) and was equal to 177 points.
   In men team competitions: the team Lviv - 2, in structure of Tarasov Dmitry, Sidoruk Dmitry, Tihonsky Vladimir (all "Dynamo") and Trapeznikov Vasily (Army), became the winner. Lviv - 1 has finished competitions on 7-th place.
   Among female teams: Lviv - 1 has won bronze medals - Paleha Katerina, Kruglova Mariya (both "Ukraine"), Myhaylova Svitlana and Kuznetsova Kateryna (both Army), and Lviv - 2 has finished event on the fourth place.
November 19, 2000 - November 18,
  As ours recently became known in environment of the Lviv archers, November 1, 2000 the our colleague, the master of sports and Doctor of pedagogical sciences, Vinohradsky Bohdan was assigned as the pro-rector on scientific work of the Lviv state institute of Physical Culture.
   We congratulate him on this assignment and we shall wish to him successes in affair of the raising of achievement of a sports science on a high level, both in Ukraine, and on a world scene!!
   We hope, that from this moment, our specialized seminars on archery will occur regularly and will be conducted at a high organizational level!
November 05, 2000 After a long break we come back to the publication of news.
Such events have taken place for past four months.
  - November 01,
  From Sydney our paralympics have returned. In a National team, from 5 archers, the four were from Lviv. Results such. At the women of Skubak Elena (Chernivtsy) - 4-th place, Fedechko Galina - 12 place and Struk Elena - 14 place. The female team has won 4-th place.
  At the men of Atamanenko Sergiy has won a Silver medal. Gutnik Roman has finished competitions on 6-th place.

Atamanenko Sergiy is awarded with a Order of Merit of 3-rd degree, and Michael Huskivadze, trainer of our Lviv paralympics the honorable rank "The honored Worker of physical culture and sports of Ukraine" is appropriated.
- October 12 - 16,
   In Odessa the Cup of Ukraine was held. Well that Odessa again began to spend competitions. Good city. Here to visit, it will be very interesting.
   Ivashko Markiyan has won a Cup of Ukraine, Antonov Sergiy was second. The man's team Lviv - 1 and Lviv - 2 have met in the final and the first team has won. For the women the successes were more modest. Prokopiv Lidiya, best of our archers - women, was fifth. The female team Lviv - 1 has won a Cup of Ukraine, and the team Lviv - 2 was fourth.

   The organization of competition was very nervous. To the last moment on places there was no call on competitions. Nobody knew, the competitions will be spent whether or not. Despite of all these defects the Lviv athletes could successfully appear on these competitions. The similar situation was with trip of the national youth team on a Cup of Europe in Czech (in august). The athletes went in Czech embassy behind obtaining of the visas, and it is in Kiev. Were not late nearly for competitions.
   We certainly have got used, that in Kiev in a Goskomsport there is no absolutely any affair to sports and the results of the Olympic speak for itself. All occupied in a simulation of rough activity, and these days, apparently, divided prize money for a Olympic Games There is no time....
- September 19 - 23,
  Per days of the Olympic Games in Lviv our traditional competitions "Zolota Osin' " and first archery scientific - practical seminar were carried out. The competitions were devoted to memory of a Merit-coach of Ukraine Bogdan Kokot, which the last year has died on these competitions.
  The Lviv trainers, science officers of a Lviv State Institute of Physical Culture participated in conference. To us there came the trainer from Holland Andrej Korlaar.   It is important to analyse results of a conference and to make conclusions, that the level of organization was higher the next year.
  On competitions has arrived less countries - participants. The sportsmen from Poland, Belorus', Moldova and Ukraines participated in this year. The delegation of Poland as always was numerous and representative.
  Weather on competitions promoted good mood and high results. But if to compare results of these competitions to results of the last year, the recession of results is looked through. And it is already sad.
  The results, as always, are published on our site (truth with delay).
- September 16 - 22,
  27-th Olympic in Australia. A thank to the Internet, that we could operatively receive the information on these events. And let all results are known, I want to mention each of our athletes.
   Certainly we shall begin from the women, you see they triumphers. The silver Olympic medal it is magnificent. It was perfect not only for our sports, but, as has appeared further, and for the country.
So, woman:
Sadovnicha Elena (Kiev)
Qualification: 331+327=658 - 5
Olympic Round - 163; 158 - 21
Serdjuk Katerina (Kharkiv)
Qualification: 324+320=644 - 10
Olympic Round - 157; 161; 153 - 16
Burdejna Natal'ja (Odessa)
Qualification: 318+314=632 - 26
Olympic Round - 166; 160 - 17
Team competitions: our women have reached the final and struggled with Korean for gold, but have lost 251:239.
In 1/8 finals at them the contenders were not.
In 1/4 they have won the Italian 237:230.
In a semifinal have won against the Turk 240:233.
The men in individual and in team competitions have acted much more modestly:
Antonov Sergiy (Lviv)
Qualification: 317+314=631 - 26
Olympic Round - 164; 151 - 28
Parhomenko Igor (Kiev)
Qualification: 324+308=632 - 24
Olympic Round - 160 - 39
Kurchenko Viktor (Lviv)
Qualification: 312+303=615 - 43
Olympic Round - 155 - 46 m.
In team competitions the men could overcome only one boundary,
having won in 1/8 Chinese 244:235.
In 1/4 they were stopped by the Korean 258:236.
In a result 8 places.

   That it is possible to tell in summary. The Lvov archers again without Olympic medals. Valentina Kovpan, for today, remains by the unique Lviv archer won a Olympic medal. (1976, Montreal, silver)
  - September 01,
  Our Olympic team having carried out active preparation on a training meet (T.M.) in Kapitanovka, that near Kiev, has left in Australia, that already on a place to continue preparation for Olympic Games.
   The quality of realization T.M. in Ukraine, for our national team, deserves a special saga and is not entered in a format of a statement of news.
  - August 18,
   Also there has come the moment to name final structures of Olympic teams. I.e. to reject one sportsman, which on any parameters concedes to first three. A serious step, serious decision. To someone in pleasure, and someone....
   The decision was held on August 7 in Kiev on executive committee a NOK of Ukraine. Solid authority, the solid people accept the solid decisions. A public the following was announced.
The man's team:
Parhomenko Igor (Kiev),
Antonov Sergiy (Lviv),
Kurchenko Viktor (Lviv).
Reserve - Ivashko Markijan (Lviv).
The female team:
Sadovnicha Elena (Kiev),
Serdjuk Katerina (Kharkiv),
Burdejna Natal'ja (Odesa).
Reserve - Paleha Katerina (Lviv).
  But, as it usually happens, the decision of solid organization never turns out final. So has taken place and this time. Everything, that has taken place, there can be a perfect illustration NOT a FAIR PLAY.
   After trips to Kiev of the interested persons from our region, there is other decision on change of structure of the female team. But any more of executive committee a NOK, and one of its chiefs. In the basic structure of the team to include Paleha Katerina, and reserve to announce Burdejna Natal'ja.
   The rivalry of interests of regions began. Already turn of Odessa to answer a challenge. And it responds. As it has answered I do not know, but is probably powerful enough, that the previous decision was cancelled and was held new. It: " Burdejna and Paleha will do shoot-off for the right of participation in Olympic Games!"
   The shoot-off was held on August 17 in Kiev on a training meet of a National team. Has won Natal'ja Burdejna. The result by this control has confirmed the initial decision.
  - August 15-19,
The cup of Europe among youth was held in Nimburk (Czech). For the athletes of Ukraine it was quite successful. Results of the Lviv athletes.
Esebua Kristina ("Elektron")
- 2 place in an individual championship among the cadet - women and
- 1-st place in team competitions.
Dobreva Galina (Army) - 1-st place in team competitions of the cadet-women.
Tihonsky Vladimir (Dinamo) - 1-st place in team competitions of the cadet
Kolomojtsev Dmitry (Army) - 1-st place in team competitions of the cadet
Alekseenko Aleksandr ("Elektron") - 1-st place in team competitions of the cadet
Sidoruk Dmitry (Dinamo) - 2 place in team competitions of the Juniors.
Kuznetsova Katerina (Army) - 2 place in team competitions of the Junior-women.
  All Lviv athletes have come back home with medals. We congratulate the sportsmen and their trainers on successful performance on a Cup of Europe!
- August 2-6,
  And long-awaited final of European Grand Prix in Denmark. On this start the final structure of the Olympic team will be defined. Really decisive start.
   In Denmark should go 5+5, as was announced earlier. But the women for some reason had only 4 athletes, and where Berezhna Tat'jana? You see 10 days ago she competed with perfect results on a junior World championship. The athlete in the perfect form, on rise, coaches of a National team if only to be pleased. But... As was announced of a public: " The Danish embassy has not given the visa to Tat'jana Berezhna. " It is interesting, and Danes know about it?
   Best among ours was Sadovnicha Elena - 7 places. Serdjuk Katja - 11, Paleha Katja - 14 and Burdejna Natal'ja - 17 places. By the team they have won Bronze.
   The men, as was planned, there was five. At them all was much quieter. In individual competitions best was Parhomenko Igor - 5 places, Ivashko Markijan - 11, Kurchenko Viktor - 15, Antonov Sergiy - 22, Serdjuk Aleksandr - 56 places. In team competitions they, having lost the first duel to the team of Kazakhstan, have not got even in eight teams.
   The results can be looked on a Web-site of the organizers of the Grand Prix final. (Click on an competitions emblem.)
   Already by unaided eye is visible final four of the Olympians men. At the women, due to diplomatic manipulations, four was determined by itself. But who will be announced reserve?
- July 25,
  6-th junior World championship was held in Belfort (France).
  Ukraine has taken part by the complete team. In the team from Lviv there was one Dmitry Kolomojtsev. His performance has turned out quite mediocre. In a FITA - Round 1172 points and 58 places, and in a Olympic Round in the first duel he, with result 154 points, has lost to the athlete from Taiwan. At the guys only Dorohov Andriy (Chernivtsy) could make the way in an eight.
  The girls have acted more successfully (but our athletes there were not). The performance of our athletes was still interesting both confrontation of Berezhna Tat'jana and Serdjuk Katerina (both of Kharkivs). Both apply for participation in Olympic games. This dispute has won Berezhna Tat'jana, she has won a bronze medal in an individual championship and silver in competition of teams (See photo).
  It hardly was pleasant to the coaches of a National team, since could destroy their calculations. As they ride out from this situation we could see absolutely soon...
   Wishing to look through the protocols, please, FITA gives you this opportunity.
- July 15,
   On 3-rd University World championship (Madrid, Spain) we simply have not gone.
   Probably in Ukraine is not present the students-archers? Is not present institute of physical culture, which prepares the experts in an archery? Is not present sports societies working with the students?
   And problem not in means - money was available, and were wishing to go on a world Championship. Simply we do not have functionaries capable to organize trip of the team in Spain.
The results can be looked at the Spaniards. (Click on an competitions emblem.)
  - July 3 - 8,
  The Championship of Ukraine among the women was finished without any surprises. The candidates for Olympic games have settled down as follows: Sadovnicha Elena - 1-st place, Serdjuk Katerina - 2 place, Burdejna Natal'ja - 3 places, Paleha Katja - 5-th place, Bard Svetlana - 10-th place and Berezhna Tat'jana - 12 place. The ranking they have confirmed.
  The candidates from the men have conceded a pedestal. Parhomenko Igor - 4-th place, Antonov Sergiy - 5-th, Serdjuk Aleksandr - 6-th, Ivashko Markijan - 9-th, Kurchenko Viktor - 13, Evetsky Valery - 18 place.
  This championship was penultimate selection start for the Olympic candidates. After it the coaches of National team have decided to reduce number of the applicants up to five. Have thrown out from selection of Evetsky Valery (Lugansk) and Bard Svetlana (Sumy). The arguments were the following, they cannot any more struggles for the three of the candidates (agrees of calculations of the coaches of the team), and their "not-being" on the final of Grand Prix of Europe will allow all team to fly by plane to Denmark.
  Such global calculations. To spit on the right of these athletes to struggle up to the end.
- June 20,
Results of the European Championship.
  The championship was finished for our team without medals.
   Among our men best was Markijan Ivashko (Lviv) - 5-th place. Kurchenko Viktor - 20 place, Antonov Sergiy - 24 place and Parhomenko Igor - 36-th place. Among the women best was Sadovnicha Elena (Kiev) - 13 place. Our Paleha Katja - 20 place. Burdejna Natal'ja - 16 place, Serdjuk Katerina - 17 place. The man's and female team have finished competition on 4-th place.
  Who wishes to rummage in the protocols, please. The results are published (Click on emblem).
June 13, 2000 - June 12,
   Decisive control on T.M. in Antalia (Turkey) have won Sadovnicha Elena (Kyiv) and Ivashko Markian (Lviv).
   Hence, the National team of Ukraine on this European Championship will look as follows.
Parhomenko Igor (Kyiv),
Kurchenko Viktor,
Antonov Sergiy,
Ivashko Markian (all Lviv).
Burdejna Natalia (Odesa),
Paleha Kateryna (Lviv),
Serdiuk Kateryna (Kharkiv),
Sadovnicha Elena (Kyiv).
  So, three representatives of Lviv are in structure of a man's National team. Perfectly!
  The similar situation was in 1994, when Soroka Oleg, Tarasov Dmitriy and Shkol'ny Konstantin (all Lviv) protected honour of our country on the European Championship in Nimburk (Czechia).
June 12, 2000 - June 03,
   In Antalia (Turkey) the Olympic candidates, (6 men and 6 women) have departed. Their surnames can be looked in news below.
   They will participate in training meet to the European Championship (June, 13-18). The participants (4+4) of this Championship will be defined by results of control at the end of a training meet.

   For the first time there was a remarkable event, - the chief of Regional committee of sports (Mr. Yuriy Petryshyn) has delegated in Antalia of two our best trainers, Tatiana Obraztsova and Maria Gavelko. Our colleagues can actively help the own educatees better to be prepared for performance on the European championship and to be more protected before "the objective decisions" of the national coaches, which on a training meet also have personal educatees.
      Let's remind, that four archers from Lviv - Antonov Sergey, Kurchenko Viktor, Ivashko Markian and Paleha Katerina participate in this selection. Olympic selection, this serious event.
  We wish them determination and high results!
- May 24 - 29,
   In Lviv 3-rd international youth tournament "Olimpiyski Nadii" (Olympic hopes) was held. This competition is for the athletes by age 20 years and younger. This year and the cadets, for the first time, struggled for the championship. Final results it is possible to survey on our site.

   This year was much less visitors, than the last years, but it has not affected neither a level of results, nor on intensity of the event. Except for the Ukrainian athletes, there were representatives from Belarus' and Pridnestrovskaja republic (Moldova).
- May 23,
After a training period, all applicants go on Grand Prix of Europe in Germany. Where they also will begin long "dispute" for the right to participate in Olympic games in Sydney
  - May 17,
  This day on control event, the sports happiness was on the party of Tatiana Berezhna from Kharkiv, which has won "grand lady" Lina Pavchuk from Chernivtsy a personal duel, with a score 4 to 1.
  - May 4 - 9,
  In New Kahovka the All-Ukrainian competitions among sports schools and sports clubs and Top archers play-off match were held.
  Task of this Match was definition 6 men and 6 women, which will participate in last stage of selection to Olympic games.
  By a sports principle were selected -
4 women: Paleha Kateryna, Bard Svetlana, Burdejna Natalia, Serdiuk Kateryna and
4 men: Parhomenko Igor, Kurchenko Viktor, Evetsky Valery, Serdiuk Aleksandr.
  Under the decision of coaches council of a National team were defined 2 + 2 athletes. These elected became at the men - Antonov Sergiy and Ivashko Markiyan, and at the women - Sadovnicha Elena and one of two applicants - Pavchuk Lina and Berezhna Tatiana. They should find out the mutual relation of May 17, during a control duel on a training meet (T.M.) in Kyiv.
  - May 1,
Our Web-site is added in a global collection of archery resources the Internet. This collection is supported by mister Kjetil Kilhavn (Norway). We are the first Ukrainian archery Web-site in the Internet!
We are first, again!
  - April 27,
   Mr. Aleksandr Rzhavsky, People's Deputy of Ukraine, has given the consent to promotion of his nominee on a post of the President of the Ukrainian Archery federation.
  This offer the Lviv Archery federation has directed to mister Rzhavsky in December, 1999.
  - April 20-23,
  6 men: Serdiuk Aleksandr (Kharkiv), Kurchenko Viktor, Antonov Sergiy, Ivashko Markiyan (all Lviv), Dorohov Andriy (Chernivtsy), Parhomenko Igor (Kyiv) and
  6 women: Sadovnicha Elena (Kyiv), Pavchuk Lina (Chernivtsy), Paleha Kateryna (Lviv), Ksenofontova Kateryna, Berezhna Tat'jana (both Kharkiv), Bard Svetlana (Sumy),
which were defined by a coach council of a National team, participated in Grand Prix of Europe in Antalia (Turkey).
   Hardly it is possible to recognize to successful performance of all our athletes. Though in a Olympic round they have won quite decent places. But what was unsuccessful start! And in team competitions the places, won by them, do not correspond to habitual places of our teams.

In more detail results of these competitions can be looked on the DSB site (Germany).
23.03.2000   - March 14 - 19,
In Kharkiv, in a sports complex of Air institute, occured a All-Ukrainian Top archers play-off .
   Primary goal of these competitions was definition 12 men and 12 women, which will continue struggle for participation in Olympic Games. As a result of wearisome marathon and, considering results of a European Indoor archery championship, 12 +12 candidates were defined:

Man - Sergej Antonov, Kurchenko Viktor, Ivashko Markijan, Trapeznikov Vasily, Shkol'ny Konstantin (all Lviv), Parhomenko Igor (Kyiv), Serdjuk Oleksandr, Jarmak Oleksandr, Postel'njak Anton (all Kharkiv), Evetsky Valeriy (Rubizhne), Dorohov Andriy and Daneljuk Vladislav (both Chernivtsi).

Woman - Ksenofontova Kateryna, Berezhna Tetiana, Serdjuk Kateryna, Pigareva Inna (all Kharkiv), Bard Svitlana (Sumy), Burdejna Natal'ja (Odesa), Sadovnycha Olena, Babich Ilona (both Kyiv), Dorohova Tetiana, Pavchuk Lina (both Chernivtsi), Paleha Kateryna and Prokopiv Lidija (Lviv).
    The second stage of selection is held in May, 4 - 9, in New Kahovka on All-Ukrainian competitions of sports schools. After these competitions 6 + 6 athletes will stay which will struggle for the right to represent Ukraine on XXVII Olympic Games.  
10.03.2000 There were following events  
- March 1 - 5,
  On Olympic base in a place Spala (Poland)
7-th European indoor archery championship was spent.
The athletes from Lviv, in an individual championship, have appeared best among the Ukrainian: Kateryna Paleha has won a silver medal, and Sergiy Antonov has finished competitions on 6-th place.

Katja and Sergej is the pupils of Tat'jana Obraztsova (Sport School "Elektron").
Structure of the Ukrainian National team, on this championship:
Man -
Sergiy Antonov (Lviv),
Parhomenko Igor (Kyiv),
Serdiuk Aleksandr (Kharkiv).
Woman -
Sadovnycha Olena (Kyiv),
Dorohova Tat'jana (Chernivtsy),
Paleha Kateryna (Lviv)
    Team competitions the man have finished by 4-th, and the woman were content with 5-th place.
If to consider, that after a starting round our woman were first, and the man were on the second place, final result for our teams, quite modest.

The results of a European Championship can in more detail be looked on a Web-site of the Polish Archery Federation
  - February 23 - 24,
For the first time on our Web-page the Lviv records, valid for the end of February, 2000 were published.
  All remarks and offers are accepted.
The release of news is prepared by Viktor Mykhaylenko.
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