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26.12.1999 Last two months there were following events  
  - November 26,
at session of Presidium of the Lvov Federation heard the offer of Jaroslav Gusak, trainer of a L.St.M.U. (Lviv State Medical University), - to put forward on Presidency in the Ukrainian Archery federation - Aleksandr Rzhavsky, "Coral - Bank" President, Chairman of All-Ukrainian political association "Yedyna Rodyna". This offer was maintained unanimously. The presidium has decided to address to Mr. Aleksandr Rzhavsky with this offer. This day the Calendar of competitions for 2000 of the Lviv Archery Federation was affirmed.
- December 9.
From the FITA News :
"Council of a FITA has decided to include in the main goals of a FITA -
protection of the environment. Were based on the given decision, FITA Council has decided, that the archery championships (It is better, that all competitions! ) in 2000 will be smoke free for the athletes, officials and spectators".
At last!!!
- December 10-12
in Truskavets the third International Tournament "Perlyna Prikarpattja" was held. There have arrived the representatives of Czechia, Poland, Belorus'. The Lviv archers, in a plenty, have arrived on these competitions, in first to support the organizers and colleagues in region, and in second to verify the readiness for a Cup of Ukraine, which soon is held in Lviv.
- December 20-23
in Lviv the Cup of Ukraine on Indoor archery was held. The competitions were conducted in an Archery hall of a Sports - Shooting Complex of SKA (Army Club). The owners have prepared a hall wonderfully for conducting competitions. The good mood to all participants was defaced only by switching-off of the electric power, but it is questions to the powers that be, instead of to the organizers. Almost all strongest Ukrainian archers were going in Lviv to measure by forces, last time in this Millenary! Victory on these competitions celebrated Tetiana Obraztsova, Merit-coach of Ukraine, together with the educatees - Ekaterina Paleha and Sergiy Antonov, winners in an individual championship.

All have parted, having wished each other of happiness and cheerful New year 2000!
26.10.1999 Last two months there were following events  
  - During September 22-27, on a shooting-range "Citadel" the traditional competitions "Zolota Osin'" were carried out. To us there have arrived the visitors from 6 countries: Cyprus, Poland, Czech, Moldova, Belarus' and Kazakhstan. All strongest athletes of Ukraine participated.   All days of competitions there was a good weather that promoted to achieve high results.
At the men 1300 points have shot 6 sportsmen.
At the women 9 athletes have exceeded 1300 points.
87 men, 64 women, 23 cadet men and 18 cadet women in total participated.
It is possible to survey with results of competition on our page in more detail.

- September 23, per day of a competition beginning, has taken place tragically event - after a grave illness Bogdan Kokot - ours colleague, Merit-coach of Ukraine has died. To him there were only 44 years.
Our Federation has accepted the decision - competition " Zolota Osin' 2000 " to devote his memories.

- October 10 - 15. The athletes of our federation have taken part in All-Ukrainian competitions among Sports Schools and Clubs, which were carried out in city New Kahovka (1000 km from Lviv). It was last national outdoor competition of this season. After that competition the final National Ranking List of the athletes and trainers for 1999 will be generated

- October 22. The session of Olympic Council of a NOK branch in the Lviv region was held. The chairman of Olympic Council was elected. He became - Igor Derzhko, the vice-president of the Lviv regional administration.
For the first time archer - Aleksandr Kalinichenko, chairman of our Federation , in structure of Executive Committee of a NOK regional branch was elected.

- October 26. That these days in Lviv became warmer, we have begun last in a season of 1999 outdoor competition of our federation. It is traditional competition "Memories of Vanda Kopachinska".

After these competitions everyone will begin active preparation for a winter season of 2000.
24.08.1999 On the first All-Ukrainian summer sports games, which were finished in New Kahovka, we have won in a team placing the second place, having conceded the radical contender - team of the Kharkov region.
In our thriftbox 983 points, and at the contenders - 1054 points were going!
Among the men the champion of games became by
Dmitry Tarasov
In team events the team Lviv -1 has won, in such structure:
Antonov Sergej ("Ukraine"), Trapeznikov Vasily ("SKA") and
Shkol'nyj Konstantin ("Dinamo").

Except for this Sergej Antonov has set up a record of Ukraine. In elimination round (18 arrows) he has shot 174 points.
The perfect result, - all on one point is less than a world record!

It at the men and the women has afflicted us. Any of them could not come nearer to a pedestal in individual championship, though in team competitions they have won a bronze medal.
The team was in such structure: Paleha Katerina, Prokopiv Lidija (both "Ukraine"), and Mihajlova Svetlana ("SKA").
It and everything, than the women could us please on these competitions.
We expected from them of more solid performance.
14.08.1999 A result of performance of our sportsmen on 40-th World championship in Riom (France) is possible to look on a FITA Web-site.  
  And though we have completed this a Championship without medals, but main task - a winning of the Olympic licenses our athletes have executed on 100 %!
The greatest possible quantity of the licenses - six is won!
And the victory of our women above the team of Korea, has forced validly to whisper of the representatives of many commands, and has confirmed gravity of our claims on Olympic medals.
See you later in Sydney, sirs! ∑

August 15, in Sunday, the team of the Lviv region drives off in New Kahovka for participation in the First All-Ukrainian summer sports games, which are conducted under the auspices of President of Ukraine.
  Man -
1. Antonov Sergej;
2. Shkol'nyj Konstantin;
3. Trapeznikov Vasily;
4. Ivashko Markijan;
5. Kurchenko Viktor;
6. Tarasov Dmitry;
7. Gerasimchuk Sergej;
8. Svistun Andrej.
Woman -
1. Mihajlova Svetlana;
2. Paleha Katerina;
3. Prokopiv Lidija;
4. Kruglova Marija;
5. Dubas Aleksandra;
6. Bahtina Elena;
7. Filatova Marta;
8. Kaljadintseva Svetlana.
  The coaches:
Mikhailenko Viktor, Gavelko Marija, Minenko Viktor, Kokot Bogdan.
Among the sportsmen and coaches there are representatives of three sports societies:
Sports Club of Army,
"Ukraine" - Sports society of trade unions and
The team composition causes us to expect for success!
11.07.1999    By results of performances at all stages of the European Grand Prix and conclusive control (July, 04 - 05, Kiev) the National team for participation in 40-th World Archery Championship (Riom, France) was named:
Man -
1. Parhomenko Igor (Kiev);
2. Serdjuk Aleksandr (Kharkiv);
3. Dorohov Andrij (Chernivtsi);
4. Ivashko Markijan (Lviv);
Woman -
1. Sadovnicha Olena (Kiev);
2. Paleha Katerina (Lviv);
3. Pavchuk Lina (Chernivtsi);
4. Serdjuk Katerina (Kharkiv);

The main task for our team on this Championship - winning of the Olympic licenses.

We wish them good luck!
14.06.1999     In Lviv, during a training meet of a National team of Ukraine, June 08 and 09 the control competitions were carried out. By results of these competitions, in view of results of two previous stages of Grand Prix of Europe -99, the National team for participation in the Final of Grand Prix of June 17 - 20 in Warsaw (Poland) was named.
In structure of a team 12 participants, from them 5 sportsmen from Lviv.
Man: Kurchenko Viktor, Ivashko Markian.
Woman: Paleha Ekaterina, Mihajlova Svetlana, and Prokopiv Lidija.
The participation in this tournament is by last stage of selection to a world Championship, which is held in France in July.
We wish successes our athletes!
13.03.1999 The silver prize-winner of the 5-th World Indoor Archery Championship has become the young sportsman of our Federation MARKIJAN IVASHKO - educatee of the coach Viktor Minenko, from sports school " Elektron ". We congratulate them on this great achievement!
    The silver prize-winner among the women on the same championship has become SVETLANA BARD, the athlete from cities Sumy. She is the educatee of the coach Vladimir Garkusha, graduate of a Lviv State Institute of Physical Culture(L.St.I.Ph.C). We congratulate the athlete and her coach on wonderful success!
12.03.1999 The elective conference of our Federation was finished. The accounting reports of a guidance were heard and have summarized our work for past four years. Mr Aleksandr Kalinichenko, on an alternative basis, was re-elected as the President of the Lviv Regional Archery Federation. Mrs Marija Gavelko was re-elected as the vice-president, and Mr Viktor Mykhaylenko was again elected as the chairman of coach council. New structure of Federation Presidium (number in 11 members) also was elected. The new structure of a guidance will attend to affairs of Federation the next 4 years (till a 2003).  
20.02.1999 By results of a Indoor Championship of Ukraine (01.-06.02., Lviv) and Top archers of Ukraine play-off (15.- 19.02, Lviv) the National team for participation in a World Archery Championship (Havana, Cuba) was defined. In structure:
  Man -
  1. Sergej Antonov (Lviv);
  2. Markijan Ivashko (Lviv);
  3. Igor Parhomenko (Kiev).

Woman -

  1. Tetiana Berezhna (Kharkiv);
  2. Svitlana Bard (Sumy);
  3. Olena Sadovnicha (Kiev).
15.02.1999 On a European Indoor Archery Championship for disabled (04 - 07.02.1999), which was held in Belgium in city Zenthoven (that near Antwerps), a victory among the women celebrated Olena Struk (Lviv, SK "Gart") - trained Mikhail Huskivadze.
   The bronze prize-winner among the men has become by Roman Gutnik (Lviv, SK "Gart") too his educatee. They, together with Bogdan Nosevich - also by Lviv archer, have won for Ukraine also a bronze medal in team competitions.
      A successful beginning of a season!
We congratulate on success of the athletes and their tireless coach.

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