"To go forward, look back more often, otherwise you will forget, whence drifted out and where you need to aspire".

 September 04, 1931 in Lviv, under the initiative of the Polish Archery Union, the first congress of a FITA was held which not only has created structures (organizationally has issued) a FITA, but also began process of association of the isolated archers of all world in one incorporated family. The congress was conducted in a conference hall of a town Hall (see. The photo), where and now convenes a city council. On a congress there were representatives of Hungary, Italy, Poland, USA, France, Czechoslovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Estonia. In the same days (from 26.08 for 06.09.1931) the first World Archery Championship was held. The archers of Poland, France, Czechoslovakia and Sweden participate in competitions. [1]
On the geographical setting the Lviv, already from the moment of the foundation (1256), always represented the great interest for the nearest neighbours - till a 1991 there was in USSR, till a 1939 - Poland, till a 1918 - the Dual Monarchy (Austrian-Hungary) etc. Now, by virtue of historical realities, Lviv is city of independent Ukraine. In more detail to find out about it you can on other Web-sites.

    Significance of our city, as sports archery center in Soviet Ukraine (former USSR), was expressed that in Lviv in a 1957 sports archery again has revived. Just from this date and just from this city began an ascention of the Soviet archery school to tops of world glory. We began from zero, and as has told M.K. Huskivadze, one of the founders of the Lviv coaches school: “We knew only, that such a grasp (bow) and that such holdfast (bowstring)”.
     But from the beginners we gradually have turned to the leaders.
     In the historical information on a WA-FITA Web-site is very shortly told, that in Lviv of a FITA was organised, and all! As though Lviv, by executing the historical role, has disappeared as a Atlantis. But Lviv exists, and not only as city, but also as the phenomenon in a sports archery. (We completely consciously separate a recreational archery and sports archery.)
     Lviv, as the phenomenon in archery does not belong to any state, it belongs to a history of a sports archery.
     We want to tell and to show to the fans of archery all over the world, role of Lviv in development of our kind of sports. On duration of development of sports archery and by quantity occupied, it is difficult to us to be compared to other countries (USA, England, Holland etc.). But under the contribution to development of the theory of archery, in technology of preparation of the high quality athletes, in creation of a reference technique of a shot, preparation of the coaches' staff - we can compete to everybody!

      Viktor Mykhaylenko


Reference [1]. Robert Rhode, 1981 “History of the FITA” Vol.1 1931 - 1961, pp.2, 9 - 14
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